It’s Time for Execution!!

January 7th, 2012
by admin


Yet again, I must say, we as Steelers Fans are SPOILED to the core!!  I, for one, do not take this, or any of the other Steelers teams in my lifetime, for granted.  We are in a golden age of fandom and it’s time for another deep playoff run.  To put a quick perspective in, The Pitt Panthers football program (playing tomorrow in the Compass bowl as they need to find direction but I will be the first to back the hiring of Chryst, he will bring respectability back to the program) has had more Head Coaches in the past year than the Pittsburgh Steelers have had in over 4 decades.  That is stability in an age of quick firings and we must stand up and applaud the Rooney’s for their eye for talent in the front office!!

I have so much on my mind heading into this wild card weekend and I just hope that I can get it all out onto this post…First off the opponent this week, the Denver Tebowcos.  I would be the first to say that the guy, Tim Tebow the person is a breath of fresh air as far as his morality and ability to be humble and deflect all the praise that is directed at him.  He is a true competitor and has proved to have a champions heart and has that special something to lead when all hope seems to be lost.  But COM’N MAN!!  Enough is Enough!!  Mark my words, He is not a starting QB in the NFL for long.  He is Milli Vanilli, Sugar Ray and Bobbie McFarren all rolled into one.  The guy can not play QB in the NFL.  Period.  The fact that he gets credit when Matt Prater kicks record breaking clutch kicks is ridiculous.  Does anybody else see his completion percentage?  He did not turn this team around, his team turned this team around.  The guy has Moxie, I’ll give him that but a QB in the NFL, I just don’t see it.  Great vision and power when running the football but the guy can’t pass.  I cringed every time this year that Tim Tebow was given credit for the Denver Broncos success.  He was a part of the equation, but there was a lot of guys that stepped up just as much if not that was shadowed by the phenomenon and polarization of Tim Tebow.  To tie this together I have a trivia question to share:

There are (2) Starting QB in the Super Bowl era that have a higher winning percentage than Big Ben with more than 10 games played.  Name them?  A hint, the answer is not Tim Tebow.  Just for statistical purposes, Ben is 10-3 in the playoffs when starting for a winning percentage of .769.  What I have to say to that, Big Ben is great and I wouldn’t trade him for anybody at this stage in his career (This man is flat TOUGH AS NAILS) but I feel as though QB’s get entirely to much credit for team success.  Another trivia question; There are only 5 starting QB’s (6 after this season) in the Super Bowl era with more wins than Brett Favre has losses (11).  Peyton Manning has 10 losses in the playoffs and these are two first ballot Hall of Famers.  Great QB’s, tough competition; tough to win in the playoffs but one man can not win playoff game.  These games are won and lost by all three phases of the game, an entire team effort (in most cases).  I understand that QB’s direct the ship, lead the team in battle and for argument sake are the only players judged for team success and failure but I feel that a lot more went into Big Ben going 10-3 in the playoffs than Big Ben’s performance.  (refer to a previous post titled All Merril Hoge team or our unsung performers).  With that said, match-ups favor our Steelers in most cases.  Our Defense will Execute.  Our Offense will Execute.  Our Special Teams will Execute.  The Denver Tebowos will be ousted and Executed.  Better luck next year Tim, you had a memorable run that will end on Sunday.  Fear the Beard Timmy.  You are now out of your league.  The Black and Gold will catch their stride and swag inDenver and we will be rolling!!

I can feel it coming in the air tonight!!  One step at a time and the first step will be taken in mile high altitude. 

 Beer We Go Steelers Beer We Go!!


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  1. Captain Tailgate Says:

    Sports…why do people get so worked up about Sports. The argument of who is a better QB with a better winning percentage with all the variables involved is a ridiculous point. I like to drink. I love the Steelers. I do not care about anything else. I think Ben is the next coming of Bart Starr. Therefore, Ben deserves the credit. But I agree with your point that success happens much deeper than a good QB. Success breeds from Success and without the Rooney’s we might not be wondering whether Tebow mania will strike us down…I wish I could say that Ben is a better QB than Tebow and the Steelers are a better team than the Broncoes but reality is that opinions in Sports are like opinions in Politics…the only difference is that people care about Sports…people care about the Steelers!! and I had a long night of drinking!! other than that, I will get up bright and early and start preparing for another playoff victory the only way I know how…Beer We Going!! Who’s with me…

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