Steelers edge Seahawks…

October 18th, 2021
by admin

The Steelers edged the Seahawks after a bizarre finish.

It wasn’t a great performance in any facet of the game but in the end the Steelers did enough to edge out the Seahawks 23-20 on Sunday Night Football. The Steelers jumped out to a big early lead and then had to hold off the Seahawks and their second-string quarterback Geno Smith, and second string running back Alex Collins. No one played particularly well or poorly. It was a mediocre performance, but enough to get it done and get the Steelers back to .500.

The offense managed two touchdowns in the first half, the first a tough catch and run by Najee Harris and the second a nifty Tight End inside handoff to Eric Ebron. Then there was very little after that for the rest of the way. Ben Roethlisberger had a workman like effort and mustered only 224 yards on the day with a touchdown. He never seemed to be able to get the passing game fired up.

Despite playing one of the worst run defenses in the league, the Steelers struggled to move the ball early on the ground, but they stuck with it and eventually wore down the Seahawks defense. Harris rushed for 77-yards, 33 of them coming late in the second half. Harris also chipped in with six catches including the first touchdown of the game. His development continues to impress. The offensive line deserves credit for keeping the pass rush to a minimum, they had their best game this season and finally broke down the Seahawks front.

Diontae Johnson had nine catches but also recorded his first drop of the season, crowd favorite Pat Freiermuth had seven catches, no one else really contributed. The play calling was again lacking on third down. Ray-Ray McCloud is seeing an expanded role in the offense with JuJu being out. He needs to make more of his chances.

The defense looked unstoppable in the first half, but then fell apart after half time. The Seahawks banged out 129 yards on the ground in the second half and dominated up front, after being pushed around early in the game. The tackling was suspect and the coverage was lacking. Minkah Fitzpatrick, Cam Sutton and Terrell Edmunds all missed big tackles that helped keep the Seahawks in the game. Edmunds lost Will Dissly in goal line coverage for the Seahawks second touchdown. Joe Schobert and Devin Bush both had trouble getting off block in the running game and had trouble stopping the run.

The bright spots on defense were Cam Heyward, who had a great day and was dominant when the Steelers needed him to be, he finished with nine tackles and a sack. T. J. Watt all but saved the game in overtime, first recording a huge sack to knock the Seahawks out of field goal range and then punching the ball out on a Geno Smith scramble to set up the game winning field goal.

It was an uneven performance at best for the defense.

The Special teams also struggled and like the defense had its’ best player step up. The coverage units had their worst game of the year, Ray-Ray McCloud was unspectacular and Pressley Harvin III, was again inconsistent. Although the latter continues to flash signs of greatness blasting a monster 58-yard punt. The bright spot of course was Chris Boswell. Little Bos notched three field goals including the game winner.

The coaches had a good game plan but needed better execution and better tackling to make it work. When the Seahawks changed their approach, it took almost the whole second half to adjust and stop the running game.

The referees absolutely botched the last call of regulation and gave the Seahawks a chance to tie it up with no time left. It appeared the Seahawks ran out of time on a fumble, but the refs called for a review and gave the Seahawks the time they needed to kick the tying field goal. Give the coaching staff credit because they stayed mentally tough and were able to keep the team from melting down.

In the end the Steelers get back to .500 going into the Bye week…


My “GAME BEER” goes to: Giving out two this week, originally it was going to Chris Boswell until the “gift” overtime was granted to the Seahawks. Boswell once again delivered in a clutch situation and drilled all three of his field goal attempts, he was 3-3 with the actual game winner and what should have been the game winner. Then came OT and T.J. Watt saved the game and the embarrassment of losing to the Seahawks backup quarterback Geno Smith.  Also Considered: Cam Heyward who is the anchor of the defense and Alex Highsmith who had his breakout game finally.

Beer of the Game: To be technical, the beer of the game was consumed before the game and went with Pabst Blue Ribbon again, 16 oz pounders. Because of the time of the game and being a Sunday night, we didn’t drink beer during the game…yes we are becoming more mature here.

“Steel the Snacks”: Again, we consumed before the game and “Steel the Snacks” were made by our friend Mike, he made homemade sushi and Captain Crunch Tuna in honor of Seattle, the Tuna was fresh from the ocean around the corner of my house. It was phenomenal and a great way to spend a Sunday evening.

My Stat of the week:  Since drafting Ben Roethlisberger in 2004, the Steelers stand 111-1-1 (I was at the tie) when leading by 14 points. That stat was in serious jeopardy last night. Also considered, Eric Ebron’s touchdown was the first rushing touchdown by a Steelers Tight End in team history.

My Thoughts on next week: The Steeler will have a bye-week, I will be posting the snacks so far this season AND I will do the Bye Week report.

This week’s Jersey: Jerome Bettis, 36, Home Black, the second jersey I ever purchased for myself in my life. It still fits and I thought it made sense for alumni weekend!



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Steelers snap the losing streak!

October 10th, 2021
by admin

The Steelers snapped a three-game losing streak beating the Denver Broncos 27-19, by playing solid defense and running the football. The Steelers got up early, never trailed and made the big plays when needed.

Despite facing a top five run defense, the Steelers ran the ball effectively, going for a season-high 147 yards and taking the air out of the football for most of the game. Najee Harris had the breakout game everyone was waiting for, grinding out 122 yards and averaging 5.3 yards per carry. He missed part of the fourth quarter with what looked like leg cramps, Benny Snell picked up the workload and added 20 more yards. It was the best performance by a Steelers running back tandem in well over a year.

Ben Roethlisberger had a solid if unspectacular game. He passed for 253 yards with two touchdowns. He managed the game well, hit most of the big passes he needed including an opening drive strike to Diontae Johnson that gave the Steelers the lead. The Steelers have now scored on the opening drive twice in two weeks. Johnson had only two catches but raked in 72 yards, and Chase Claypool continues to prove he is a big threat with five catches for 130 yards including a touchdown. With solid protection and running lanes being forced open by the offensive line, the Steelers played their most balance offensive game in over a year. The only negative Sunday is it looks like JuJu Smith-Schuster could be done for the season.

It was a tale of two halves for the defense. The first half, the Broncos had little room to operate and only managed two field goals, one of which was on a Roethlisberger turnover on the Steelers side of the field, the other was a busted running play that went for 49-yards by Javonte Williams late in the second quarter. The front seven held the Broncos to just 57 more yards on the ground and harassed Teddy Bridgewater, Devin Bush chipped in with a huge sack before leaving the game with an injury.

The defense however struggles when the pass rush struggles and in the second half, it was just a step too slow. Teddy Bridgewater racked up big second half numbers and put together a huge fourth quarter, he passed for 232 yards of his 288 yards in the game. In the fourth he connected on two touchdowns, one to Courtland Sutton on a 39-yard catch, where Sutton burned James Pierre and one to Kendall Hilton on a big fourth down conversion. The pass rush all but disappeared, none of the outside linebackers recorded a sack. Crowd favorite Henry Mondeaux recorded the only sack of the half.

The Broncos converted three of four, fourth down tries and were driving for the tying touchdown when James Pierre picked off Bridgewater, thwarting the comeback. It was a good effort by the defense, but they need to react better to adjustments and fix the ailing pass rush.

Give the special teams credit again, they had another good week. Pressley Harvin III had a great bounce back week, nailing two punts for 119 yards including a booming 63 yarder that flipped the field around. Chris Boswell continued his excellent 2021 campaign hitting two field goals. The coverage units were strong, the return units had some penalty issues, but all and all it was another good week.

This was the offensive performance that everyone has been looking for over the last two season. The Steelers need to run the football, play solid defense and take the pressure off Ben Roethlisberger.

Beer We Go Steelers, Beer We Go!

My “GAME BEER” goes to: Najee Harris, he had his first 100+ yard game and solidified the long dormant running game. Also Considered: Little Bos, who again drilled a clutch field goal and was 2-2 (48, 43) on the day and hit a 50+ that was taken off the board on a Broncos penalty.

Beer of the Game: Went with two different Beers this week, Pabst Blue Ribbon Pounders and went with Yuengling Lite from Pottsville Pennsylvania. Both are solid drinkable beers, much like the Steelers defense yesterday, not spectacular but good.

“Steel the Snacks”: KGB was on the shelf this week! I stepped in and made a few different kinds of sliders. Cheeseburger Sliders with American, Hot Sausage Sliders with Provolone and Turkey Burger Sliders with Cheddar. My Dad came for the game for the first time in several season. Hamburgers are a signature dish of Denver and quite frankly I was not interested in making Bull’s balls as a snack, the other Denver ‘favorite’.

My Stat of the week: Of course it is 122 yards for Najee Harris, making him the first Steelers running back to run for 100+ yards since week six last year (James Conner, 101-yards) and the first 100+ yard rushing game for a Steelers rookie since Jaylen Samuels did it against the Patriots in 2018.

My Thoughts on next week: This is a winnable primetime game. The Steelers need to run the ball and they can beat the Seahawks.

This week’s Jersey: L.C. Greenwood, 68, 1933 Throwback, while no one has any idea that it is a Steelers jersey it is one of my favorites and I wear it when we need a big win!


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Steelers go down again, this time in Green Bay!

October 3rd, 2021
by admin

The Steelers regression continued Sunday with another lousy performance across all facets of the game losing to the Green Bay Packers 27-17 and falling to 1-3 on the season.

Before everyone buries Ben Roethlisberger, keep in mind that it all starts up front and the offensive line is awful. What has happened to this unit? Last year they couldn’t run the ball, but the protection was solid, this year they can’t do either. The line was absolutely wrecked against a respectable but non-dominant pass rush of the Packers, including watching Trai Turner getting clobbered into Roethlisberger for a strip sack. Dan Moore has played admirably but is clearly not the answer at Left Tackle. They had created early running lanes but being down, allowed the Packers to tee off. Najee Harris had a nice game and was playing well. He racked up 60+ yards on the ground but the Steelers abandoned the running game during the third quarter.

Ben Roethlisberger had a rough game, missing two wide open touchdown passes to JuJu Smith-Schuster. Roethlisberger was harassed all day and could never get set. He clearly is having issues with the lack of protection and had some drive killing miscues in the pass game. The play calling is unoriginal and seems hauntingly similar to last year. Once again, the Steelers faced crucial fourth down conversions, once again they threw short of the sticks and didn’t convert. James Washington and Diontae Johnson both had solid performances in a tough loss. But the offense is simply just a mess.

The defense even with the return of T.J. Watt had a mediocre day. If it all starts up front on offense, the same can be said of the defense, it is clear the Steelers front is missing Stephon Tuitt and Tyson Alualu. Chris Wormley, Isaiah Buggs and Isiahh Loudermilk are not cutting it. The front was thrashed for 130+ yards on the ground. The pass rush was ineffective, T.J. Watt had trouble all game and was basically relegated as a non-factor, despite getting two sacks. Melvin Ingram and Alex Highsmith were also ineffective and were never a factor in the game. Devon Bush checked in with a sack but struggled in coverage.

The secondary without a pass rush, couldn’t hold up. Aaron Rogers carved up the Steelers for a tidy 248 yards but what was most disturbing was the inability to get off the field on third down. The Packers converted 60% of their third downs. The ineffective third down defense doomed any chance of a comeback.

The Special Teams had an uneven performance at best but there is some cause for optimism here. The good, Little Bos drilled a 52-yard field goal on wet grass, using the upright for an assist. Ray-Ray McCloud did a really nice job on returns. Christian Kuntz had a tackle and looks like a nice fit as the Long snapper. The bad; Pressley Harvin had a tough day, booting three punts including one for a paltry 20-yards, nearly guaranteeing a Packers score. Jordan Berry must be clearing his calendar. The Steelers were absolutely hosed by the referee on a blocked kick. Haden was clearly not offsides on the blocked field goal by Minkah Fitzpatrick and of course that isn’t a reviewable play.

The gameplan was terrible and one of Mike Tomlin’s achilleas heels is clock management. The Steelers were trailing by three scores and punted on fourth and short early in the fourth quarter. They also decided to kick deep despite the fact that the defense couldn’t get off the field all day. It sealed their fate. Matt Canada’s offense is strangely familiar to Randy Fichtner 2.0. There is little creativity and way too many pass plays. The Steelers need to figure out how to run the football and figure it out quickly. Forget the idea of Ben getting benched, he will undoubtedly get injured with the protection he is being afforded.

It is going to be a long season.

Beer We Go Steelers, Beer We Go!

My “GAME BEER” goes to: Najee Harris, he had a very good game and again you can see what the Steelers see in him. He was for the most part the lone bright spot in the game. Also considered: Diontae Johnson who had nine catches for 93 yards.

Beer of the Game: Went with IC Light hoping to bring some luck…not so much. KGB went with Corona Light with a lime. D-man had A&W Root Beer!

“Steel the Snacks”: We went with traditional Beer Brats (Grilled) and homemade Cheese Curds made by KGB. Outstanding stuff, we will provide a photo gallery during the bye week of all the “Steel the Snacks”

My Stat of the week: Despite a loss and the mainstream media and fans calling for his head, Ben Roethlisberger racked up his 400th Touchdown Pass in a Hall of Fame career. He is the eighth quarterback to do it. Roethlisberger is seventh all time with 61,149 career passing yards. Roethlisberger’s 170 total victories as a starter is fifth all-time, behind Brady (266 wins), Manning (200), Favre (199) and Brees (181). Between Terry Bradshaw and Ben Roethlisberger the Steelers wandered the quarterback desert, remember that when asking for his benching.

My Thoughts on next week: This team looks extremely mechanical and unoriginal. They need much better play calling and need to get some help on the offensive line. They can pull this out, but need a much better game plan.

This week’s Jersey: “Steelhead” Heyward, 97, Away Jersey, Hoping to spark some pass rush, again clearly didn’t work.

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Steelers drop second in a row!

September 27th, 2021
by admin

The Steelers fell behind and then couldn’t comeback against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Steelers dropped an important division game against the AFC North perennial doormat Bengals. It was a tough loss and despite being only in three games so far, the media is writing the epitaph on Ben Roethlisberger.

I won’t do a full game report, because it is so late in the week. I was traveling for business so this will be abbreviated. Just to be clear, the only reason, is because I was traveling. It is not because the Steelers lost as one of our subscribers suggested.

What I would also point out, I expected to be 2-2 after four games. If the Steelers can salvage next week, they are right where we expected, albeit not how we expected it.

Beer We Go Steelers, Beer We Go!

My “GAME BEER” goes to: Chris Boswell, who drilled the longest kick in the history of Heinz Field. Except for one season, he has been an absolute underappreciated star. Also Considered: Najee Harris who is starting to show signs of why he was a first round pick! Diontae Johnson pulling in 105 yards.

Beer of the Game: I was on the road, so I had a Sullivan Irish Red, real good beer. Because of timing, it was the first time I listened to a game on the radio without Tunch, it was definitely hard. Of course I love Wolf and Bill, but surely Tunch is missed. Tricky week for watching football for me, I was in Saratoga, for long time readers of the Blog, my go to bar was “The Stadium” it unfortunately looks like a victim of Covid. I had to watch in my Hotel on my Ipad.

“Steel the Snacks”: My wife KGB made Coney style dogs with Skyline Chili that looked fantastic. I was homesick for sure!

My Stat of the week: The Steelers NFL all-time leading sack streak finally ended; at 75 games! The Streak started in week 7 of the 2016 season. Keep in mind the Steelers were missing both Alex Highsmith and of course T.J. .

My Thoughts on next week: The Steelers will be huge underdogs, originally, we were slated for the game, with Brother Bill and some friends, but Covid hindered the plan. I wouldn’t sleep on the Steelers just yet, especially if they get back T.J. and Diontae.

This week’s Jersey: JuJu Smith-Schuster, 19, Color Rush, clearly this didn’t bring any luck at all.

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Steelers come up short against the Raiders!

September 19th, 2021
by admin

Another slow start and key injuries doomed the Steelers from the beginning as they fell to the Las Vegas Raiders 26-17 at the Heinz Field opener.

The day started off with key injuries and they only got worse as it progressed. Prior to the beginning of the game, the Steelers lost Devin Bush and Joe Haden, by half time they were down T.J. Watt and Tyson Alualu too and by the end of the game, it looks like they may be down Diontae Johnson. In the NFL it is next man up and everyone who filled in played admirably but losing four major impact players was too much to overcome.

The offense, particularly the offensive line is a mess right now. Ben Roethlisberger was under duress all day with 10 QB hurries and two sacks. There was no room to run the football and the Steelers only managed to grind out 39 yards. This played a huge factor in the fourth quarter when trailing by two scores, Mike Tomlin opted to punt rather than chance going for less than one yard on the Steelers side of the field. Adding insult to injury when the game was almost out of reach Trai Turner was ejected for spitting and fighting? Not sure how that could have been much worse. It was a lousy performance, capped off by a player being thrown out of the game, not a great week or look for the rebuilt line.

The play calling seems to be inconsistent and despite all this, Roethlisberger played fairly well. He finished with 295 yards with a touchdown and he was able to finally connect on a deep threat to Chase Claypool. Diontae Johnson led the receivers with nine catches and 105 yards. Najee Harris chipped in on the passing game with a big touchdown, the first of his career. There was not much else to highlight on the offense.

The defensive secondary got torched by Derek Carr who made every play he needed. He finished with 373 yards and two touchdowns, including completing a 61-yarder to Henry Scruggs III. With Minkah Fitzpatrick preoccupied with Darren Waller, Scruggs was able to score the back breaker. (The broadcast team was borderline obsessed with Waller, mentioning him on nearly every play) James Pierre had a tough day and was a frequent victim of Carr.

With Watt going out early and without Alualu, the pass rush slowed down significantly. Robert Spillane and Melvin Ingram both performed well and were all over the field as the majority replacements. Cameron Heyward had a big day, but the rest of the pass rush was just a step too slow or nonexistent in key crucial moments.

The special teams had another nice week. Chris Boswell hammered a 56-yard field goal and Pressley Harvin had a very good day flipping the field on the Raiders. Ray-Ray McCloud had some nice returns, with the only negative being he took a big penalty. Overall though this unit looks to be the most improved on the team.

The coaching staff had a tough day with clock management issues and a poor game plan. The play calling was inconsistent and awful for the most part, the fact the Steelers are trailing by two scores and don’t have any confidence in getting less than one yard is just plain terrible. It was a mistake by Tomlin not to go for it, but you could understand the thought process. The Steelers need to make some adjustments and figure out how to get the offense going. The defense wasn’t as bad as the stats indicated, they just seemed to wear down at the end of the game.

It was a tough loss, but there was bright spots and it would be a mistake to have any kind of freak out this early.

Beer We Go Steelers, Beer We Go!

My “GAME BEER” goes to: Chris Boswell, who drilled the longest kick in the history of Heinz Field. Except for one season, he has been an absolute underappreciated star. Also Considered: Najee Harris who is starting to show signs of why he was a first round pick! Diontae Johnson pulling in 105 yards.

Beer of the Game: Was a little under the weather, so the Beer was Root Beer. Had A&W in a frosty mug! I know, this is a blog about sports and drinking beer, but wanted to be honest with the readers! BTW it was delicious.

“Steel the Snacks”: Awful Awful burger sliders from the now closed Nugget Diner in Nevada. My wife KGB recreated this classic in mini form. It was hard finding a definitive snack for the Raiders, especially now that they are in Nevada. We picked a Nevada classic the world famous Awful-Awful Burger.

My Stat of the week: Going with 1-1 a 56-yard field goal by Little Bos. He made history with the big boot and kept the Steelers in the game. (Najee Harris scoring what we hope will be the first of many touchdowns was also considered.)

My Thoughts on next week: The Steelers need a win at home and the usual suspect Bengals will be there. The Bengals are dangerous and desperate. Look for a much tougher game than expected with the Steelers edging them out.

This week’s Jersey: Heath Miller, 83, Blackout jersey, one of my favorite players of all time and a very cool looking Jersey.

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Steelers comeback and stun the Bills..

September 12th, 2021
by admin

The Steelers came back and beat Buffalo to open the 2021 Season….

It wasn’t always pretty but in the end the Steelers started the season off right with a tough and hard-fought victory over AFC powerhouse Buffalo Bills, with a 17-point fourth quarter.  The defense was tough all game, the offense was a work in progress and in the end the special teams rebounded with the play of the game.

The front seven wreaked havoc all day, his numbers don’t show it, but Melvin Ingram was dominant and provided pressure all game, despite dealing with constant holding. Alex Highsmith also was tough, and his development continues, the numbers didn’t tell the story. Even without Stephon Tuitt, the defensive line had a great rotation and provided tremendous run support and pressure. Cam Heyward had a monster sack and kept a tough Josh Allen in place. Fresh off his new contract, T.J. Watt didn’t disappoint putting together two sacks a forced fumble, despite being double teamed all day. The refs literally could have called holding all day.

Except for one play, a 37-yard completion to Gabriel, the secondary blanketed the Bills and stayed consistent in coverage. Stephon Diggs never got off, Manny Sanders played well but was contained most of the day. Cam Sutton made the second biggest play of the game, sniffing out a big run on fourth down, tackling Matt Breida for a loss.

The biggest play of the game was authored on special teams by Miles Killebrew, blocking Matt Haack’s punt and allowing Ulysees Gilbert to recover for a touchdown. The play put the Steelers up by two scores with just under 10 minutes left. Chris Boswell put up a big day drilling three field goals, with the last one being the game clincher a 45-yarder with 2:42 left. Pressley Harvin III looked great at some points hitting a boomer for 51 yards and looked okay at others. After allowing a big opening play, the Special Teams adjusted nicely.

The offense is and looks like it will be a work in progress. The offensive line struggled to get any kind of rhythm, finding very little room to run and Ben Roethlisberger, never really had time to get set and throw down field. He played a very smart game, never panicking or forcing anything.

Najee Harris never left the field and while the numbers weren’t great, he clearly adds an element to the offense that was missing. The receivers next to the linebackers look like a clear strength. Diontae Johnson returned to his darkest NFL moment (Four drops in Buffalo last year) and made a spectacular catch for the Steelers first touchdown.

It would be easy to under estimate this win, but the Steelers beat the AFC East Champions in their own building in front of a raucous Bill’s crowd after getting off to a terrible start. That takes great coaching and a belief in the game plan!

Great Win!

Beer We Go Steelers, Beer We Go!


My “GAME BEER” goes to: Ben Roethlisberger, He never panicked and was completely under control and made the big plays when he needed it, I confess to being a little bit nostalgic on this one. Also Considered: T.J. Watt who was a wrecking crew. Diontae Johnson who made a great catch for the first touchdown, Miles Killebrew for the blocked punt.

Beer of the Game: (NEW SECTION): The opening game requires a classic. Iron City Light, which I drove to Pennsylvania to get back in August. What can you say it is a classic for a reason, served it ice cold out of the can!

“Steel the Snacks”: Homemade Buffalo Chicken sliders, since Anchor Bar and Duffs are the inventor of hot wings, what better snack could you ask for! KGB made them and did everything from scratch.

My Stat of the week: Going with17 points in the fourth quarter to seal a victory. It was another double-digit comeback!

My Thoughts on next week: The Steelers return to Heinz Field with what I imagine will be a raucous capacity crowd. Since the Raiders play tonight, not sure what to expect, will try and update this later in the week.

This week’s Jersey: Ben Roethlisberger, 7, Fashion jersey, I felt nostalgic as this certainly is close to being his last opening week.


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Your 2021 Steelers Roster… For Now!

September 9th, 2021
by admin





Here is the BWG take on the roster.


The 2021 Steelers Roster
NAME Number POS AGE HT WT EXP Description
Joshua Dobbs 5 QB 26 6′ 3″ 216 lbs 5 Will start on IR, still have high hopes for him
Dwayne Haskins 3 QB 24 6′ 4″ 218 lbs 3 Still has tremendous upside
Ben Roethlisberger 7 QB 39 6′ 5″ 240 lbs 18 Twilight for the greatest QB in team history
Mason Rudolph 2 QB 26 6′ 5″ 235 lbs 4 Will be the first guy off the bench
Kalen Ballage 29 RB 25 6′ 2″ 231 lbs 4 Worked hard in camp to win this spot
Trey Edmunds 33 RB 26 6′ 2″ 223 lbs 4 Practice Squad and will see the roster at some point
Najee Harris 22 RB 23 6′ 2″ 230 lbs R Most exciting RB prospect in along time
Anthony McFarland Jr. 26 RB 22 5′ 8″ 193 lbs 2 Will start on IR, has potential to make an impact
Jaylen Samuels 38 RB 25 6′ 0″ 225 lbs 4 Will start on Practice Squad and will make the main roster at some point
Benny Snell Jr. 24 RB 23 5′ 10″ 224 lbs 3 Eeked his way onto the roster, needs to be more consistent
Derek Watt 44 FB 28 6′ 2″ 234 lbs 6 Special Teams Captain and old school fullback
Rico Bussey 84 WR 23 6′ 0″ 190 lbs R Will provide practice squad depth when healthy
Chase Claypool 11 WR 23 6′ 4″ 238 lbs 2 Big play receiver who needs to fix off field issues
Diontae Johnson 18 WR 25 5′ 10″ 183 lbs 3 Huge upside, but needs to be more consistent
Ray-Ray McCloud 14 WR 24 5′ 9″ 190 lbs 4 Started out great and fell off, needs to develop
Steven Sims   WR 24 5′ 10″ 190 lbs 3 Will provide practice squad depth
JuJu Smith-Schuster 19 WR 24 6′ 1″ 215 lbs 5 Needs to limit distractions off the field and focus on the field
Tyler Vaughns   WR 24 6′ 2″ 184 lbs R Will provide practice squad depth
James Washington 13 WR 25 5′ 11″ 213 lbs 4 Big play potential and makes the tough catches
Eric Ebron 85 TE 28 6′ 4″ 253 lbs 8 Has everything to be great…except consistency
Pat Freiermuth 88 TE 22 6′ 5″ 258 lbs R Exciting prospect who could be a Steelers fixture
Zach Gentry 81 TE 24 6′ 8″ 265 lbs 3 Traditional tough blocking TE
Kevin Rader 87 TE 26 6′ 4″ 250 lbs 1 Will start on the practice squad and will see the roster
B.J. Finney 67 C 29 6′ 4″ 318 lbs 6 Capable backup who can play three positions
Kendrick Green 53 C 22 6′ 4″ 315 lbs R Heir to the Steelers Center Dynasty
J.C. Hassenauer 60 C 27 6′ 2″ 295 lbs 2 Was not impressive in his first season
Kevin Dotson 69 G 24 6′ 4″ 321 lbs 2 Old school road grader who rose to the challenge
Malcolm Pridgeon 64 G 26 6′ 7″ 310 lbs 1 Provides much needed OL depth
Trai Turner 51 G 28 6′ 3″ 320 lbs 8 Veteran presence with very big shoes to fill
Zach Banner 72 OT 27 6′ 8″ 335 lbs 5 Injuries are hampering his chances
Rashaad Coward 79 OT 26 6′ 5″ 319 lbs 4 Veteran OL depth on the main roster
Chaz Green 74 OT 29 6′ 5″ 315 lbs 5 Will push to make the main roster
Joe Haeg 71 OT 27 6′ 6″ 298 lbs 6 Part of a strong draft class,
John Leglue 77 OT 25 6′ 6″ 301 lbs 1 Versatile player with NFL experience
Dan Moore Jr. 65 OT 22 6′ 5″ 315 lbs R Versatile prospect that might be the steal of the draft
Chukwuma Okorafor 76 OT 24 6′ 6″ 320 lbs 4 Has established humself as the starter
Tyson Alualu 94 DE 34 6′ 3″ 304 lbs 12 Developed into a solid performer
Isaiah Buggs 96 DE 25 6′ 3″ 295 lbs 3 Plays with a nasty edge, make or break year
Isaiahh Loudermilk 92 DE 23 6′ 7″ 293 lbs R Steelers traded up to grab him, looks like a big body 3-4 DE
Stephon Tuitt 91 DE 28 6′ 6″ 303 lbs 8 Starting on IR, a huge contributor when healthy
Daniel Archibong   DT 23 6′ 6″ 300 lbs R Exciting big body Tackle prospect
Demarcus Christmas 93 DT 26 6′ 3″ 302 lbs 2 Will start the year on the practice squad
Carlos Davis 73 DT 25 6′ 2″ 320 lbs 2 Will be a bigger contributor this season
Cameron Heyward 97 DT 32 6′ 5″ 295 lbs 11 Team Captain and the anchor of the Steelers defense
Chris Wormley 95 DT 27 6′ 5″ 300 lbs 5 Will be a contributor this year after an uneven first season
Marcus Allen 27 LB 25 6′ 2″ 215 lbs 3 Undersized linebacker who will play in the nickel
Devin Bush 55 LB 23 5′ 11″ 234 lbs 3 Excited to see what he can deliver when healthy
Ulysees Gilbert III 54 LB 24 6′ 0″ 230 lbs 3 Capable backup
Alex Highsmith 56 LB 24 6′ 4″ 242 lbs 2 Could be his coming out year!
Melvin Ingram III 8 LB 32 6′ 2″ 247 lbs 10 Exciting pickup who will push for playing time
Buddy Johnson 45 LB 22 6′ 2″ 240 lbs R 4th Round pick old school thumper with speed
Jamir Jones 40 LB 23 6′ 3″ 255 lbs 1 Big camp and preseason earned his spot
Miles Killebrew 28 LB 28 6′ 2″ 222 lbs 6 Veteran safety/linebacker
Joe Schobert 93 LB 27 6′ 1″ 240 lbs 6 Great pickup who will be a great asset to the defense
Delontae Scott   LB 24 6′ 5″ 246 lbs 1 Edge rusher who will be on the practice squad
Robert Spillane 41 LB 25 6′ 1″ 229 lbs 3 Very capable backup who did great last year
Derrek Tuszka   LB 24 6′ 4″ 251 lbs 2 Experienced depth at the LB spot
T.J. Watt 90 LB 26 6′ 4″ 252 lbs 5 The new face of the franchise, needs to get contract settled
DeMarkus Acy 30 CB 23 6′ 2″ 195 lbs 1 Can play nickel and safety
Mark Gilbert 17 CB 24 6′ 0″ 175 lbs R Physically gifted, could push to be on special teams
Joe Haden 23 CB 32 5′ 11″ 195 lbs 12 Perennial pro bowler, in the twilight of his career
Justin Layne 31 CB 23 6′ 2″ 192 lbs 3 Has the skills and tools, needs the brain
James Pierre 42 CB 24 6′ 2″ 185 lbs 2 Will start at the nickel and could push on the outside
Cameron Sutton 20 CB 26 5′ 11″ 188 lbs 5 Will get the first chance to start on the outside
Ahkello Witherspoon 25 CB 26 6′ 2″ 195 lbs 5 Experenced Cornerback who will push to start opposite Haden
Terrell Edmunds 34 S 24 6′ 1″ 217 lbs 4 Needs a big performance on his walk year
Minkah Fitzpatrick 39 S 24 6′ 1″ 207 lbs 4 One of the best in the NFL
Karl Joseph 30 S 28 5′ 10″ 200 lbs 6 A former top prospect trying to get his career on track
Arthur Maulet 35 S 28 5′ 10″ 190 lbs 5 Veteran cornerback who will star on special teams
Tre Norwood 21 S 22 6′ 0″ 194 lbs R Versatile prospect, has the size and physical skills
Donovan Stiner 26 S 22 6′ 2″ 210 lbs R Has the size but still a very raw prospect
Henry Mondeaux 99 DE 25 6’4″ 280 lbs 2 Will start on the practice squad, has reached cult like status in the ‘Burgh
Special Teams
Chris Boswell 9 PK 30 6′ 2″ 185 lbs 7 One of the best kickers in the business
Matthew Wright 16 PK 25 6′ 0″ 186 lbs 1 Practice Squad Player, who has limitations
Pressley Harvin III 6 P 22 6′ 0″ 255 lbs R Exciting prospect with a booming leg
Christian Kuntz 46 LS 27 6′ 1″ 228 lbs 1 Local boy made good, pushed his way onto the roster

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The Steelers are back tonight!

August 5th, 2021
by admin

The first preseason game of the year kicks off! The Steelers face long time rival the Dallas Cowboys in the the Hall of Fame game, this was the game to be played last season!

What to expect; NOT a lot! Hey but it will still be fun, the Steelers will be dress 88 players, here are some questions;

  1. What does Dwayne Haskins brings to the table?
  2. Who plays Center?
  3. Which “bubble” guy will stand out and make a name?
  4. Who will step up to take a spot for the secondary vacancy?
  5. Not a question, just a thought….this is fun…unless someone gets hurt!

Enjoy the game and welcome back!


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Steelers grab a nice haul of UDFAs!

May 5th, 2021
by admin

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have a solid track record with undrafted free agents and have even struck gold. (See James Harrison/ Donnie Shell) All the players have good to even great upside but need further development.

Here is the BWG Take:

Shakur Brown, CB, Michigan State: Very high upside prospect who continues to develop. Good coverage skills and could move into a nickel spot. He has a chance to make the team or the practice squad.

Lamont Wade, S, Penn State: A local kid from Clairton, in Allegheny County, Will also challenge for the nickel spot, which he played for the Nittany Lions. He has good tackling ability, deceptive speed and can move around in the secondary. Where he has the best shot of making the team is on special teams.

Jamar Watson, LB, Kentucky: Tough pass rusher who had a very productive college career. Has good first step but struggles against bigger tackles. Despite some athletic limitations, he has good run stuffing abilities and will help with depth.

Calvin Bundage, LB, Oklahoma State: Hard working versatile linebacker who played in a 4-3 scheme. He can play inside and outside and is good against the run and can rush the passer. Needs experience and polish.

Isaiah McCoy, WR, Kent State: Very good hands and big frame receiver. He can push to make the team as a possession receiver. The Steelers have excelled at finding guys like this and making them successful. Hmm undrafted rookie from Kent State, where else have we heard that before?

Mark Gilbert, CB, Duke: The Steelers need depth in the secondary and Gilbert provides that. He has a great pedigree and while he is from North Carolina, he has Aliquippa roots. He is the nephew of Sean Gilbert, NFL standout and the cousin of all-world Cornerback Darrelle Revis. He ran a 4.36 forty and has all the tools to make it in the league. The injury bug seems to plague him however, he needs to stay on the field.

Rico Bussey Jr., WR, Hawaii: Explosive high upside athlete, possesses great speed, strong hands and a solid frame. He will have a chance to make the teams on Special Teams as well as push for a receiver spot. Injury concerns affected his draft status. The Steelers have a knack for finding diamonds in the rough at receiver. Bussey is one of those diamonds.

Donovan Stiner, S, Florida: Solid sized Safety with strong instincts and a knack for finding the football. A bit of an underachiever who did not develop past his sophomore year, according to some scouting reports. He is the prototypical strong safety who can help in the run and play in a system successfully.

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Your 2021 Pittsburgh Steelers Draft Class!

May 4th, 2021
by admin

The 2021 Draft is in the books and here is the Steelers’ haul.

Round 1, Pick 24; Najee Harris, RB —So grabbing a running back in the first round, seemed like a luxury that the Steelers couldn’t afford. But it is hard to argue against it, when the best player at his position is on the board and it is one of your most glaring needs, you grab him. The Steelers grabbed the best runner on the board and he will be a huge asset. He is a great person off the field as well and looks like a great culture fit as well as player fit.  Grade: A+

Round 2, Pick 55; Pat Freiermuth, TE — This was a little mind boggling, because TE was not a need. But Freiermuth is a throwback tight end who can block as well as catch. He is a tremendous athlete and will immediately be in the starting lineup. I wanted to see a Tackle or Cornerback here, but Freiermuth will be a Steeler for a long time. It was a great pick.  Grade: A

Round 3, Pick 87; Kendrick Green, C — Center was a gaping hole, and the Steelers grabbed a very good prospect. Green has great speed and is a violent blocker, he is a little undersized but will bring some “nastiness” to the line as the Steelers look to rebuild up front. This could be a starter and someone who will fit in the Steelers Center Dynasty!   Grade: B+

Round 4, Pick 128; Dan Moore Jr., OT — The Steelers are confident in Chuks Okorafor and Zach Banner as the starting tackles and Al Villanueva is still available. The Steeler also added Joe Haeg as a swing tackle in free agency. Moore will slide into a backup role and could push for a starting spot. He adds much needed depth, he has strong athletic ability. Grade: B-

Round 4, Pick 140; Buddy Johnson, ILB — Johnson looks like Vince Williams 2.0. He is an old school middle of the line banger. But he also has good coverage skills and will most likely see the field this season. This was a great pick and will pay big dividends. Grade: B+

Round 5, Pick 156; Isaiahh Loudermilk, DE — Will provide much needed depth on the defensive line. He has the physical tools but is a very raw prospect.   Grade: C+

Round 6, 218; Quincy Roche, OLB —Roche fits the classic Steelers prototype, a converted defensive end with the explosiveness to rush the passer. He has a strong quality first step. This was a great value pick, who will be given every chance to be in the rotation, especially on passing downs. This is the most intriguing pick the Steelers made. Grade: C+

Round 7, 245; Tre Norwood, DB — Norwood is a versatile defensive back who can play cornerback and safety. His athleticism makes him a candidate to play in the dime defense or be a special teams contributor. This is a solid value pick that can provide some young depth at a position that lost two of its’ best players. Grade: B

Round 7, Pick 254; Pressley Harvin III, — What in the name of Colin Holba are we doing drafting a punter? Well let me tell you, this isn’t your father’s punter, unless your Dad was a fan of the late great Reggie Roby. Harvin is a 260-pound punter who can actually throw the ball a country mile. He also can punt, averaging 48 yards per attempt last season while winning the Ray Guy Award as the nation’s best punter. Ironically, the Steelers grabbed the best player at the position, a position that they have spent three seasons trying to upgrade. Also, keep in mind the Steelers have jettisoned their seventh-round pick almost regularly after camp, so they grab a pick who will most likely start for the team, it was a no brainer and a great value pick. Keep also in mind, he has Steelers cult hero potential written all over him! Grade: A+

Overall: So, no surprise to anyone, the main-stream press outside of Pittsburgh didn’t like the Steelers draft. That is ridiculous, from where they were drafting, the Steelers grabbed three potential starters out of nine picks. Not many teams picking in the twenties can make that claim.

Every pick had potential and good value. Grabbing a cornerback or edge rusher earlier would have been more ideal than a Tight End. However, the Steelers clearly drafted the best available player and had a nice haul. What more can you ask for. Grade: A

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