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December 30th, 2010
by admin


Recently the NFL network which provides amazing programming published their list of Top Ten Steelers of All-Time. I want to say their list was awesome and while I didn’t agree with it, there case was easy to make. Part of the issue with doing anything with the Steelers is that there is two distinct periods of Steeler fandom; there is BC and AC. BEFORE CHUCK and AFTER CHUCK. (Listen if we can have a play called the Immaculate Reception I can borrow BC.) 

Without question Chuck Noll turned the fortune of the franchise. He is the most underrated Coach in NFL history. What people don’t realize is that he did some of his best coaching during the 80’s and he is not recognized for it because he never did win “one for the thumb”. But as the Steelers began to struggle he built the first half of the “Cowher Dynasty”. Chuck’s issue are that for a whole decade one of his biggest stars took to slandering him and he was not a self promoter like most coaches are. He knew he was smarter than you were, he just didn’t care if you knew it.  

The issue is most Steeler fans don’t acknowledge that the Steelers who were dreck for 40 years existed before Chuck showed up.

To set the tone of how bad the Steelers once were, I was speaking with the Captain and we were laughing that the Steelers used to practice in a public park! People would throw a Frisbee in the middle of the practice and interrupt it. Try picturing that today. The office for the team was run out of a Hotel. The clubhouse was in an old basement of a house. Of course Three Rivers was built, Chuck showed up and everything changed. The Steelers did have some great players before the 70’s.

I humbly submit my Top Ten List:

10: Rod Woodson-Simply put one of the greatest defensive backs in FOOTBALL HISTORY. He could cover, out run you and out hit you.  

9: Jerome Bettis- He was everything a Steelers running back is supposed to be and he anchored the Steelers for nearly 10 years. When he locked and loaded he was unstoppable, watching Artrell Hawkins and Brian Urlacher find that out makes me smile!

8: Hines Ward- Swann and Stallworth were better pass catchers, Ward is the most complete receiver in Steeler history and he plays Steeler football, just ask Ed Reed or Keith Rivers. 

7: Mike Webster- I picked him over Dermonti Dawson simply because of Super Bowl rings. He was most likely the greatest Center in football history with nine pro bowls and five all-pro seasons!   

6: Jack Ham- Any list that doesn’t have Jack Ham on it is a fraud. He is arguably the greatest Outside Linebacker in NFL History. He beats out Andy Russell, Joey Porter and Greg Lloyd for my list. Lloyd was my favorite player growing up.   

5: Terry Bradshaw: Four time Super Bowl winning QB. He could spell Cat and btw he could spell winner even better! 

4: Mel Blount- the Greatest Cornerback in Steelers history if not football history. He was so dominant they had to change the rules.    

3: Jack Lambert- The face of the Steelers defense and probably the single most identifiable Steeler of all time. He didn’t tackle you as much as run through you.

2: Ernie Stautner: He is the father of Steeler toughness. His teams didn’t beat you, they beat you up! He set the tone of who and what the Steelers were going to eventually be! Also the only Steeler to have his number retired. 

1. Joe Greene- He was Chuck’s first pick and he picked up the mantle of Steeler toughness and we have never looked back since. For my money he is the Greatest Defensive Tackle of all time! Also made the greatest commercial in Super Bowl History. 

President Tom Janicki’s All-Time Steelers Top Ten List:

10. Troy Polamalu

9.Ben Roethlisberger

8. Jack Ham

7. Ernie Stautner

6. Terry Bradshaw

5. Rod Woodson

4. Mel Blount

3. Franco Harris

2. Jack Lambert

1. “Mean” Joe Greene

Captain Tailgates All-Time Steelers Top Ten List:

10. LaMarr Woodley- a bookend to one of the best defenses in the NFL, forced the Kurt Warner fumble to win the Super Bowl!

9. Levon Kirkland- “The Peoples Linebacker”, he was as big as a truck and hit like one, he ran like a sports car!

8. Kevin Greene- “If you were going into a troubled situation, I think you would want to take Kevin along.”-Dick Lebeau. You can’t argue with a legend.

7. Joey Porter- PEAZY talked the talk and walked the walk. He tried to fight the Ravens team bus once, while nursing a bullet wound!

6. Mike Merriweather- Anchored the Steelers and was a perennial pro bowler in the eighties. Also had a bad-ass jerry curl!

5. James Farrior- The best free agent pickup the Steelers have ever made. Captain of the defense and beloved member of BWG.

4. Greg Lloyd- Every QB in the NFL ran in terror of this guy. He was a FORCE of nature!

3. Jam Ham- DOBRE SHUNKA, happened to be one of the greatest linebackers of all time and the quiet unsung hero of the greatest dynasty in football history!

2. Jack Lambert- Captain Tailgate’s illegitimate Father. “He was so mean, he didn’t even like himself.”-John Facenda

1. James “Silverback” Harrison-EVERYONE FEARS HIM, by the way, THEY SHOULD! Had the greatest play in Super Bowl History!


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  1. Jason Hrebik Says:

    I’m sorry, but you just have to love Capt. Tailgate. His top 10 put me to tears 🙂

  2. Filiberto Beske Says:

    a) is where the Arena Football League succeeds. The players are less talented than their NFL counterparts (thus not meeting b), but the game is wacky enough to catch on. The XFL, WLAF, WFL, and the like didn’t have either better players or a different enough product. Older leagues (AFL, CFL, and even college football) established themselves when the NFL wasn’t nearly as strong, and, for the most part, didn’t have a major advantage in player quality.

  3. Abbie P. Says:

    Once again, excellent article! couldn’t resist from telling you that 🙂

  4. ritzmer Says:

    Simply turned into aware of your blog thru Google, and found that it is really informative. Love the top ten lists, keep them coming!

  5. Jenette Beachy Says:

    “Love is the joy of the good, the wonder of the wise, the amazement of the Gods.” ~ Plato I love the Pittsburgh Steelers

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