Beer We Go Official Statements

October 25th, 2010
by admin

From the Desk of President Tom Janicki:

The James Harrison fine?  Two parts to this that I would like to touch upon, first off, the media aspect of the fine, my take is that we need not get it twisted and this has very little to do with James Harrison and everything to do with the NFL trying to cover their asses.  Fact, we are a litigious society.  Fact, the NFL’s retired benefits package is non existent although it is for all intense and purposes the most violent entertainment going when you look over entire careers.  The NFL is looking into the future to say they did something about it.  They are the hypocrites, they are to ones benefiting and profiting on these violent collisions.  They need more James Harrisons!!  This fine means very little to me.  This fine means very little to James Harrison.  I have a hard time believing that this will change the style of play of any Steeler defender most notably our Silverback.  We are going to intimidate.  We are going to play to inflict pain.  It’s in our blood.  As for the fine, the best analogy that I can use in every day life is speeding.  $75,000 to Harrison is about the amount of money of a speeding ticket to most of us.  Does a speeding ticket effect the way you drive.  We all know the answer to this question, If you are a person that speeds, it’s in your blood and a fine will not cause change.  However, getting enough speeding tickets and losing your license does cause change.  In Harrison’s case, let’s hope that suspensions are all talk by the NFL, because I for one do not want to watch a watered down brand of football.  Beer We Go Steelers!!  We need to sustain the excellence and make a statement on this monumentous road trip.  The time is drawing near to put the smackdown on Miami!!

From the Tailgate of Captain Tailgate:

Com’n Man!!  All you did was wake up the beast!!  Vengeance and destruction will be enforced by the dee!!  Could you imagine if that money came to me, that would fuel a good tailgate for like 25 years!!  Or I could just go out and buy beer for an entire lot.  From my calculations, that fine would buy 132,420 Iron City Beers.  Daydreaming…………….ok so I lost my train of thought there for a split minute…James Harrison plays hard and for the most part tackles within the rules.  I say that some may say he is dirty player and some may not respect him but the man gets held on every play and we are damn proud to have him a member of this great nation of Black and Gold!!  Who ride?  We ride!!  Who’s House?  Our House!!  Who Dey??  We Dey!!!


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