Comeback falls short!

January 16th, 2024
by admin

It was a microcosm of the season in one game. A tough start, too many mistakes, conservative play calling and then a valiant comeback attempt that came up just a bit short. That will be the tale of the 2023 Pittsburgh Steelers as it was the tale of their playoff loss to the Buffalo Bills 31-17 in a frigid Highmark Stadium.

The Steelers’ playoff hopes came crashing down, exposing several fundamental weaknesses that plagued their performance throughout the season. Mason Rudolph’s costly interception in the end zone early in the second quarter was a pivotal moment, but it was just one symptom of a broader offensive struggle. The running game, so vital to their recent success, was shut down by the Bills’ stacked box, failing to replicate any kind of late season success, the offensive line’s inability to control the line of scrimmage hampered both the run and pass game, and the play calling lacked the necessary imagination to effectively challenge the Bills’ depleted secondary.

Mason Rudolph’s early second-quarter interception in the end zone on 2nd-and-goal proved a pivotal turning point in the Steelers’ playoff hopes. Rudolph showed flashes of what got him to this point of the season, including leading the Steelers to within a touchdown in the fourth quarter, the early interception remained a critical turning point that ultimately overshadowed his late-game heroics.

It was a good effort especially rallying from 21 points down, but it was not enough.


My “GAME BEER” goes to: Cam Heyward, who played his guts out on Monday night and played tough. Also Considered: Montravius Adams who has been a solid contributor since he has been with the Steelers, his blocked field goal started the would be comeback.

Beer of the Game: The Big IC Light, IC Light 24ounce championship cans! The result was lousy, but the beer was solid and very cold. KGB went with IC Light Mango which was very good!

“Steel the Snacks”: We came back with a vengeance with Buffalo Chicken sliders that were homemade, KGB did a phenomenal job and we had homemade slaw with the Sliders.

My Stat of the week: Fourteen points off turnovers. The Steelers turned the ball over twice, the Bills scored on both turnovers and in the end that was the difference in the game.

My thoughts on next week: It is going to be a long offseason without the Steelers!

Jersey of the Week: Steelers throwback practice jersey. NO NAME. I tried to stay with the winning theme and wore my Steelers throwback practice jersey.

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