Steelers stink it up in Pittsburgh!

December 3rd, 2023
by admin

It was what has been called a “Tomlin Special” or in a more familiar parlance a “Trap Game”. No matter what it was called, it was an awful performance and one of the worst losses in the last twenty years.

The Steelers’ loss to the Cardinals was a frustrating one on so many levels including a Biblical rainstorm, numerous injuries, and worst of all a number of critical errors that cost them the game. Egregious mistakes included illegal formations, penalties, and poor special teams play. The loss was a reminder of the importance of focus and execution in the NFL, as even small mistakes can have a big impact on the outcome of a game.

One of the costliest mistakes of the game was Elandon Roberts’ personal foul on third down, which gave the Cardinals three points. Roberts also left with an injury and his absence was severely felt. This penalty extended the Cardinals’ drive and allowed them to score a field goal instead of punting the ball away. Joey Porter Jr.’s defensive pass interference penalty was another costly mistake, as it led to a Cardinals touchdown when the Cardinals would have kicked a field goal. These penalties were both critical moments in the game, and they ultimately helped the Cardinals win the game.

In addition to the penalties, the Steelers also made a number of other mistakes that contributed to their loss. The team had two illegal offensive formations, which gave the Cardinals five yards and a first down. The Steelers also had a timeout for being a player short in the huddle, which gave the Cardinals five yards and the ball. These mistakes were all a result of poor communication and execution, and they showed that the Steelers were not prepared for the game.

What happened to Miles Killebrew? Chipping in just a downright awful day. He racked up three penalties, two of which were personal foul penalties that cost over 30 yards in field position. Even Chris Boswell had an off day and missed a crucial kick after the weather interruption.

It was clear the Steelers did not have any sort of cognitive game plan and that falls on the coaches. This is a turn the page nightmare.



My “GAME BEER” goes to: NO ONE!!! Also Considered: We have never given this to an opposing player, but I was half tempted to give it James Conner who had a great game.

Beer of the Game: So trying to make up for last week, I alternated Yuengling and Modelo per quarter…did not work!

“Steel the Snacks”: We decided to go with steak sandwiches on garlic bread with fresh mozzarella. They were outstanding. We also had miniature cup of mash potatoes in a small cup with scallions. The snack deserved a better outcome.

My Stat of the week: The Cardinals have not won in Pittsburgh since 1969, when they played in St. Louis and before Three Rivers Stadium. The seven games of not giving up over 20 points is now over, to a team that has been last in almost every offensive category.

My thoughts on next week:  As in two days from the time you read this. I wrote last week the Cardinals made me nervous. The Patriots scare me to death. Bill Belichick has had the Steelers number for nearly 20 years. A big bounce back game will be a major boost to a sagging fan base.

Jersey of the Week: Dermontti Dawson #63, Throwback (1967) the Golden Triangle design by Ambassador Rooney, I have had HORRIBLE luck with any of my Dermontti jerseys despite that fact that he is arguably my favorite Steeler of all-time.



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