Steelers stink up the opener!

September 10th, 2023
by admin

The Steelers never got going and were easily handled by the 49ers 30-7.

It started with high hopes, and it finished with a crushing reality that maybe they are not as far along as they looked in preseason. The Steelers were dominated and defeated by the San Francisco 49ers Sunday at the home opener at Acrisure Stadium.

The Steelers offense struggled to get going against the 49ers. They were held to just 229 total yards and seven points. Kenny Pickett who dazzled in the preseason struggled to find his rhythm. He completed 31 of 46 passes for 232 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions. His throws were inaccurate and off target most of the day.

The Steelers’ running game was also ineffective. Najee Harris rushed for just 31 yards on six carries. The offensive line had trouble opening up holes for Harris, and the 49ers defense was able to stuff the run at the line of scrimmage. The protection in passing downs held up especially against a tough 49ers’ pass rush but eventually succumbed. Pickett was sacked five times and pressured throughout the game. He was unable to get into a rhythm and make consistent throws.

The Steelers’ receivers also had a quiet day. Veteran Allen Robinson II led the team with five catches. The Steelers were unable to get any big plays in the passing game.

The defense had very few answers from the returning Brock Purdy. Brandon Aiyuk torched the secondary and found every possible hole in the zone coverage with 129 yards on eight catches. Every time Purdy needed to make a play, he hit it with Aiyuk. Patrick Peterson and Levi Wallace had few if any answers to slow down the passing game.

The run defense was atrocious as well. The 49ers racked up 188 yards on the ground led by Christian McCaffrey who torched the Steelers front seven for 152 yards and a long of 65 yards that extinguished any flames of a comeback in the second half.

Cam Heyward and DeMarvin Leal went down with injuries and the 49ers took full advantage of it. In their absence there was next to no push up front and the Steelers struggled to set any point of attack.

T.J. Watt was the line bright spot, finishing with Three sacks and two forced fumbles. Anytime he had a one-on-one matchup he disrupted the game. Nothing else really stood out in what can only be described as an awful performance.

The special teams had the typical Steelers special teams performance. A few bright spots but mostly inconsistent and awful. Pressley Harvin once again had an uneven day punting, he hammered a 57 yarder but also laid an egg with a 34 yarder that gave the 49ers the ball at midfield. Even Christian Kuntz racked up a face mask penalty. Anthony McFarland had a nice day returning kicks and finish just over 90 yards.

The coaching staff needs to take some knocks here. This team was clearly not prepared and at no point did they make any adjustments. They were dominated from the opening whistle to the last and showed next to no life in recovering.

The fans were terrible too as in they clearly sold out, for the first time since I can remember the stadium sounded like a 49ers home came. The whole downstairs was littered with 49ers “Faithful”.

Throw in some key injuries to Diontae Johnson, Cam Heyward and the crew and this was just awful.

While it is way to early to panic, the loss was so severe and final, that it will be the talk of the media all week.


My “GAME BEER” goes to: T.J. Watt who tied James Harrison for the all-time Steelers record for total sacks! Honorable Mention: NO ONE, seriously couldn’t think of anyone, maybe Allen Robinson, but that is a stretch

Beer of the Game: Went with Yuengling Lager, one of my staples from college until now, from a great brewery. They could not summon the ghosts of the Pottsville Maroons to help the lagging Steelers. Great beer, but obviously won’t be back after that stinker.

“Steel the Snacks”: Awesome effort by KGB in her first time out this season. First she toughed it out and BBQ’d in the rain and finished in the house making Honey Siracha Chicken sliders and Garlic Fries from San Francisco. BTW only touchdown came when the snack came out. Watched the game with my Dad and son D-man. My Dad’s record is like 0 and hundred when we watch with him…he won’t be invited back.

My Stat of the week:  Been a rough write today, so must go with three sacks for T.J. Watt, which led to tying James Harrison at 80 ½ sacks. The Steelers are an infinitely better team when he is in the lineup. My sincere hope is that he will battle Cam all season trading the record back and forth.

My Thoughts on next week: Need a bounce back win against a Browns team that absolutely demolished the division rival Bengals. They look very tough right now.

Jersey of the Week: Went back to my basics, Mike Webster #52 Home. For several years this was always my kickoff jersey.






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