Steelers pull the upset!

October 17th, 2022
by admin

Steelers break 4 Game losing streak! 

Hi everyone! Little Miss Tailgate is back for another week! Still taking over the blog this week as KGB and BWG are still on vacation and this week I am happy to recap a Steelers win this week! 

This game was a good one to watch. Last week, I said I believe in this team and hope we turn it around. Yesterday’s game proved just that. There were only minimal mistakes by the offense and defense and everyone had a great game. This is definitely not the same team that got taken down by the Bills the week prior. Statistically, the Bucs put up a better number, but ultimately we played better. Overall, great work by the offense and defense this game. 

Last week, I said many times that the defense in abysmal and that we needed to get back to the basics before taking on a tough team like the Buccaneers. This week, they did just that. We had many crucial third-down stops to help us win the game. Everyone played a key part in this week’s game. We had good coverage on the Buccaneers’ receivers and a great defensive line that was able to stop many third and fourth-down conversions. Devin Bush also played a key part in the defense this week as he was a key player in stopping a 2-point conversion by the Buccaneers in the fourth quarter to tie the game. 

The offense also had an impressive week. Our star receivers this week had to be Chase Claypool and Dionte Johnson. This season we haven’t heard much from Claypool. He hasn’t stuck out as much this season compared to Dionte Johnson or George Pickens. Claypool had multiple third and fourth-down conversions across all four quarters sling with Dionte Johnson. Claypool hit 7/7 targets for 96 yards throughout the game with one touchdown. Dionte Johnson was a close second behind hitting 5/7 targets for 28 yards. Najee Harris also had a great game as he went 2/3 for seven yards and one touchdown. With Kenny Pickett getting a concussion in the middle of the third quarter, Mitch Trubisky stepped in to end the game. Trusbisky had 144 yards for one touchdown. 

Words can’t describe how happy I am with this win. I believe this was a big win for us and hopefully pulls us out of this rut we are in. However, next week is going to be no walk in the park. Miami is going to be a tough opponent to beat but my faith in this team still remains and my hope is that this team will improve and keep this momentum going. 

It has been a pleasure these past two weeks filling in for BWG and I am honored to have recapped these games for you all. Until next time! 


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My “GAME BEER” goes to: It’s going to have to be Chase Claypool. He had quite the game hitting all his intended catches and making many third-down conversions advancing for first downs throughout the game. Dionte Johnson was also considered for this as he had an impressive game as well. 

Beer of the Game: Unfortunately, I didn’t watch the game in real-time due to some school conflicts but when I did watch the game afterward, I had a Bud Light. 

Where I watched the game: This week, I watched it at my friend’s apartment with my friend group. 

“Steel the Snacks”: We usually order pizza on Sunday’s but this week we got taco bell. Don’t worry KGB’s themed snacks are coming back next week!

My Stat of the week: Going into the game this week, none of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ wide receivers had scored a touchdown; this was the franchise’s longest dry spell since 1990.

My Thoughts on next week: Next week still won’t be an easy one. With Tua Tagovailoa slated to start in next’s week primetime game, we have to be at our best across the board. We played well this week and now we have to continue that into next weeks game. With that being said, I think we can pull out a win next week.  

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