Season comes to an end as the Steelers fall in Kansas City!

January 17th, 2022
by admin

There would be no Hollywood ending for Ben Roethlisberger as the Chiefs dismantled the Steelers 42-21…

The Steelers hung in there for about 25 minutes and then the Chiefs hit the gas and left the Black and Gold in the dust for the game and the season, handily winning by 21 points and it wasn’t even that close. The gap in talent and innovation on offense between these two teams was on full display.

For the most part the Steelers star players, played well, and it was also apparent that they had so many holes that a handful of players were not going to beat the defending AFC champions. The Chiefs got on a roll and never looked back, scoring 21 points in the last five minutes of the half and then scoring 21 points on their first three possessions of the second half. The Steelers offense continued their embarrassing first half scoring drought. Once it got into a shootout you knew there would be no answer.

Not too much to write here. If you look back at the last half of the season, it reads the same. The offense is inept, the defense runs out of gas and is over exposed and the special teams does something lousy that jams the Steelers up. This weekend also felt like the changing of the guard in the AFC with the Patriots and Steelers both being beaten handily.

It is going to be a transitional offseason.


My “GAME BEER” goes to: Tough but I am going with Cam Heyward, who was a one-man wrecking crew, literally and figuratively. He played hard and deserved better, than what he got this year. Also Considered: T.J. Watt who made several big plays.

Beer of the Game: Had to go IC Light and Modello for the game. Always go back to your roots and dance with who brung you. KGB had the Modello. We also had a little Wyoming Rye Whiskey.

“Steel the Snacks”: Once again went big on the snacks, with everything from Capelini cakes, to Spinach dip bites, we also brought in two different kinds of wings, Boneless and Regular wings which I prefer.

My Stat of the week:  SEVEN punts in the first half, the offense has been a disaster the second half of the season and this sums it up perfectly. It was very clear from the beginning that they went with a similar game plan. Too many mistakes, not push from the offensive line and not enough innovation. It was a dismal performance for the offense.

My Thoughts on next week: It is going to be a long and difficult offseason. The feeling was this was a rebuilding year, but Ben was back, and the Steelers pulled a miracle to get in the playoffs. The Browns look like they are about to take another Cleveland swan dive, and they are getting ready to run Baker Mayfield out of town. The Ravens always put a good product on the field and have the least complicated effective offense in football the Bengals made the biggest strides this season and look like they will be the team to beat for the next few seasons. The Steelers will wander the wilderness for a few years now. I correctly predicted the Steelers would finish four and two in the division and most likely hit second place…I never saw the Bengals winning the division and the Browns finishing in last place.

This week’s Jersey: Ben Roethlisberger, 7, Home Black, ran this back again, knowing this would most likely be Ben’s last game. The Jersey will be retired for two seasons and then join the historic Jersey collection.

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