Steelers edge Seahawks…

October 18th, 2021
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The Steelers edged the Seahawks after a bizarre finish.

It wasn’t a great performance in any facet of the game but in the end the Steelers did enough to edge out the Seahawks 23-20 on Sunday Night Football. The Steelers jumped out to a big early lead and then had to hold off the Seahawks and their second-string quarterback Geno Smith, and second string running back Alex Collins. No one played particularly well or poorly. It was a mediocre performance, but enough to get it done and get the Steelers back to .500.

The offense managed two touchdowns in the first half, the first a tough catch and run by Najee Harris and the second a nifty Tight End inside handoff to Eric Ebron. Then there was very little after that for the rest of the way. Ben Roethlisberger had a workman like effort and mustered only 224 yards on the day with a touchdown. He never seemed to be able to get the passing game fired up.

Despite playing one of the worst run defenses in the league, the Steelers struggled to move the ball early on the ground, but they stuck with it and eventually wore down the Seahawks defense. Harris rushed for 77-yards, 33 of them coming late in the second half. Harris also chipped in with six catches including the first touchdown of the game. His development continues to impress. The offensive line deserves credit for keeping the pass rush to a minimum, they had their best game this season and finally broke down the Seahawks front.

Diontae Johnson had nine catches but also recorded his first drop of the season, crowd favorite Pat Freiermuth had seven catches, no one else really contributed. The play calling was again lacking on third down. Ray-Ray McCloud is seeing an expanded role in the offense with JuJu being out. He needs to make more of his chances.

The defense looked unstoppable in the first half, but then fell apart after half time. The Seahawks banged out 129 yards on the ground in the second half and dominated up front, after being pushed around early in the game. The tackling was suspect and the coverage was lacking. Minkah Fitzpatrick, Cam Sutton and Terrell Edmunds all missed big tackles that helped keep the Seahawks in the game. Edmunds lost Will Dissly in goal line coverage for the Seahawks second touchdown. Joe Schobert and Devin Bush both had trouble getting off block in the running game and had trouble stopping the run.

The bright spots on defense were Cam Heyward, who had a great day and was dominant when the Steelers needed him to be, he finished with nine tackles and a sack. T. J. Watt all but saved the game in overtime, first recording a huge sack to knock the Seahawks out of field goal range and then punching the ball out on a Geno Smith scramble to set up the game winning field goal.

It was an uneven performance at best for the defense.

The Special teams also struggled and like the defense had its’ best player step up. The coverage units had their worst game of the year, Ray-Ray McCloud was unspectacular and Pressley Harvin III, was again inconsistent. Although the latter continues to flash signs of greatness blasting a monster 58-yard punt. The bright spot of course was Chris Boswell. Little Bos notched three field goals including the game winner.

The coaches had a good game plan but needed better execution and better tackling to make it work. When the Seahawks changed their approach, it took almost the whole second half to adjust and stop the running game.

The referees absolutely botched the last call of regulation and gave the Seahawks a chance to tie it up with no time left. It appeared the Seahawks ran out of time on a fumble, but the refs called for a review and gave the Seahawks the time they needed to kick the tying field goal. Give the coaching staff credit because they stayed mentally tough and were able to keep the team from melting down.

In the end the Steelers get back to .500 going into the Bye week…


My “GAME BEER” goes to: Giving out two this week, originally it was going to Chris Boswell until the “gift” overtime was granted to the Seahawks. Boswell once again delivered in a clutch situation and drilled all three of his field goal attempts, he was 3-3 with the actual game winner and what should have been the game winner. Then came OT and T.J. Watt saved the game and the embarrassment of losing to the Seahawks backup quarterback Geno Smith.  Also Considered: Cam Heyward who is the anchor of the defense and Alex Highsmith who had his breakout game finally.

Beer of the Game: To be technical, the beer of the game was consumed before the game and went with Pabst Blue Ribbon again, 16 oz pounders. Because of the time of the game and being a Sunday night, we didn’t drink beer during the game…yes we are becoming more mature here.

“Steel the Snacks”: Again, we consumed before the game and “Steel the Snacks” were made by our friend Mike, he made homemade sushi and Captain Crunch Tuna in honor of Seattle, the Tuna was fresh from the ocean around the corner of my house. It was phenomenal and a great way to spend a Sunday evening.

My Stat of the week:  Since drafting Ben Roethlisberger in 2004, the Steelers stand 111-1-1 (I was at the tie) when leading by 14 points. That stat was in serious jeopardy last night. Also considered, Eric Ebron’s touchdown was the first rushing touchdown by a Steelers Tight End in team history.

My Thoughts on next week: The Steeler will have a bye-week, I will be posting the snacks so far this season AND I will do the Bye Week report.

This week’s Jersey: Jerome Bettis, 36, Home Black, the second jersey I ever purchased for myself in my life. It still fits and I thought it made sense for alumni weekend!



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