Steelers hold off the Bucs!

September 25th, 2018
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The Steelers held off the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for their first victory of the season. Riding a hot Ben Roethlisberger and enough defensive plays in a tough Monday Night Football game, the Steelers finally got in the win column.

Ben Roethlisberger bounced back from a tough Week 1 in Cleveland to put together two of his best back to back games in his career. Roethlisberger passed for three touchdowns and 353 yards. It was a masterful performance, he also executed a picture perfect two-minute drill to end the first half. It was excellent clock management and field generalship and he did well to extend plays.

Roethlisberger spread the ball around hitting seven different receivers. JuJu Smith-Schuster led the team with nine catches and 116 yards. AB chipped in with six catches and a touchdown. Vance McDonald had the biggest play of the night with a 75 yard catch and run touchdown, burying Chris Conte with an epic stiff arm that was the highlight of the game.

The running game did a good job playing behind a makeshift line. James Conner posted respectable numbers with 61 yards on only 15 carries. His two fourth quarter runs iced the game for the Steelers ripping off runs of 27 and 17 yards. He also caught five passes for 34 yards. Steven Ridley played well when called upon.

The defense was a mish-mosh of success and failure. There was very little room to run against the Steelers and they held Tampa to one touchdown for 3 1/2 quarters.

Bud Dupree had a nice bounce back game after being essentially erased last week. He had a sack and a pick six that essentially turned the game around. Jon Bostic had his best game as a Steeler so far putting together six tackles and a sack and two passes defended one of which led to a Mike Hilton interception. The Secondary was leaky and gave up some big plays in the second half but also forced three turnovers.

The special teams are once again an area of concern. Chris Boswell continues to struggle and missed another extra point as well as a field goal. After being one of the Steelers best assets, he has missed two extra points and three field goals this season. The coverage teams were completely undisciplined getting two huge penalties.

The team continues to make stupid mistakes and ran up a whopping 13 penalties! The refs where way to involved in the game, but another week of 100+ yards in penalties, speaks to a complete lack of discipline.

In the end, the Steelers did enough to get in the win column and were able to go into Ravens week with some momentum.


My “GAME BEER” goes to: Ben Roethlisberger, who had a tremendous game and buried the Bucs in the second half. He gives the Steelers a chance to win every week. Others Considered: Bud Dupree, who had a great bounced back week. JuJu Smith-Schuster and of course Vance McDonald who might have turned the season around with that play.

Where I watched the game: This is a trick question, this week. I started watching the game at the Saratoga National Golf Club, the Beer of choice was an ICE cold Peroni. I was at a business event and had to sneak down. Then I proceeded to a classic dive bar the T and L in Saratoga, where I met up with some local Steelers fans and hid out from clients and coworkers. The Beer of choice was Miller Lite draft. I finished at a corporate event with a Miller Lite Bottle as the Steelers rolled to victory. Then I had to watch the highlights of what I missed yesterday, which was why this is a day late. I was fortunate to have Bill and KGB keep me updated with texts.

My Stat of the week: 37 penalties in three weeks for a mind-numbing 347 yards. That is atrocious and needs to be cleaned up.

My Thoughts on next week: The Steelers play their arch rival Baltimore Ravens. KGB loves that every excuse I have this week, will be…but “Babe it’s Ravens’ week!” The Steelers needs some momentum and a win here can put them right back in the AFC North race.

This week’s Jersey: Steelers Ben Roethlisberger #7 Home jersey in honor of him getting last weeks game beer!

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