The Stealers!

April 27th, 2018
by admin

Yesterday, marked the 2018 NFL Draft the 83rd Draft in NFL History, the Steelers success in the 70’s was predicated on great draft picks and since 1969 they have been a model of consistency with draft success. They don’t always get it right…see Jarvis Jones, Jamain Stephens and many others forgotten to history!

While everyone talks about the First Round Picks, the success and failures, the Steelers success was built in the later rounds. Here are the five best steals in Draft History! To qualify as a steal, it had to be the fifth round or later. The list who qualified for this, is long and prestigious, finding these gems in the late round seems to be a Steelers trademark. It was difficult to narrow it down to five, but in the end, I think you will agree!

5. Andy Russell, LB, Missouri, 1963 16th Round: The NFL draft used to be much longer than the current structure. The Steelers grabbed a good one who would become an anchor of their defense, team captain and the player who signified the changing of the charge from the SOS (Same Old Steelers) to Super Bowl Champions. He was an All-Pro Linebacker, seven-time Pro Bowler, a team MVP and a two-time Super Bowl Champ!

4. L.C. Greenwood, DE, Arkansas-AM-N, 1969 10th Round: One of the four members of the famed Steel Curtain, Greenwood was an absolute force up front. He led the Steelers six times in sacks. (Before Sacks were an official stat) He was an All-Pro Defensive End, six-time Pro Bowler, he was a Four-Time Super Bowl Champ, he was elected to a 1970’s All-Decade team and the Steelers All-Time Team. He SHOULD 100% be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame!

3. Greg Lloyd, LB, Fort Valley State, 1987 6B Round: A sixth round compensatory pick, Greg Lloyd blossomed into one of the greatest linebackers of the 90’s. He was the best player on the Blitzburgh defense and only a career ending injury slowed him down from a Hall of Fame career. He was a dynamic play maker and dominant player. He was an All-Pro Linebacker, five-time Pro Bowler, a two-time team MVP and a member of the Steelers All-Time team. He is also a member of Beer We Go Steelers!

2. Antonio Brown, WR, Central Michigan, 2010 6B Round: Another, sixth round compensatory pick, 6B should be every Steelers fan’s favorite number. You run out of adjectives to describe how great AB is. He is the best WR in football today. He is an All-Pro Wide Receiver, six-time Pro Bowler and he is just getting started! He has five 100 Yard reception seasons and still going!

1. Mike Webster, C, Wisconsin, 1974 1974 5th Round: The 1974 Steelers draft is the gold standard of NFL drafts. The Steelers solidified the dynasty and drafted four Hall of Famers.  It can be argued the best of that group was Mike Webster. Webster is arguably the best Center in football history, and I am yet to hear the argument against it. He played an astounding 17 years in the NFL and was an All-Pro Center, Nine Time Pro Bowler, Four-Time Super Bowl Champion and voted to the Steelers All Time Team. He also has the highest AV on Pro-Football Reference of any Steelers position player!

Beer We Go Steelers, Beer We Go!


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