It is our time!

February 6th, 2011
by admin

From Tom Janicki

Less than 24 hours!!  Oh Mama!!

First and foremost, this is the first and last Super Bowl that I will not be on location.  I am home nurturing the birth of tradition, Captain Jr.  Regardless of where you are tonight, if you are a true Steelers fan, your emotions should be starting to get the best of you!!

With that said, We, the BEER WE GO NATION are well represented in Dallas.  Tonight brought a tear to my eye!  I was watching the Steelers Special on KDKA live from Woody’s Bar in Dallas.  In the background broke out a BEER WE GO STEELERS chant led by Brandon Machi who repeatedly offered shout outs to Captain Tailgate and the Beer We Go faithful; Brandon, you are all heart and your actions are well received by not only Steelers but Beer We Go Nation.  Enjoy the game buddy!!

We also want to give our best to our other BWG Nation Members who will be down there, Jason Hrebik who is our chief chef during tailgates and my brother Ted Janicki, who once brought the Terrible Towel to the mountains of Afghanistan!

We love you all guys, bring home number 7!!!

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5 Responses to “It is our time!”

  1. mb3 daoudi Says:

    Hines ward is just one of the many Steelers players that live the THUG LIFE. Stay classy Steelers and Rooney Family.

  2. Nancy Salach Says:

    Hey! I loved your post; it’s better than 90% of the other blog posts I read (and I mean it)! I didn’t see a contact form so I hope you don’t mind me posting here. .:) Take care and good luck! Go Steelers!

  3. RAVENS RULE Says:

    Hey moron, Ravens are your daddy! 😀

  4. Pattie Wahba Says:

    The first time I visited this blog, I didn`t like your posts. But they are getting better and I am starting to like Captain Tailgates writing!

  5. Lucca Ernster Says:

    It was a tough loss!

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