Steelers get jobbed!

December 18th, 2017
by admin

The Steelers rallied twice, but in the end were unable to beat their nemesis Patriots and overcome a terrible reversed call. While the playoffs are secured, the number one seed is now in jeopardy. The Steelers lost a lot more than that though as Antonio Brown went out with a torn calf muscle.

The Steelers put together a solid game plan and nearly made it work. The defense used a lot of press coverage and for the most part it kept the Patriots in some type of check, including a near game winning interception that was dropped by Sean Davis. But Davis was completely mismatched against Rob Gronkowski and Gronk torched the Steelers on the final drive.

The defense seemed to finally harass Tom Brady, dropping him for two sacks and being in his face all day, they dropped him on several play. They also had their first interception in about 13 years. But when Brady had both a second and third chance, he is going to beat you, engineering the game winning drive. It was a nice effort by Cam Heyward, Javon Hargrave and Stephon Tuitt. Bud Dupree had a big third down sack. Where is Deebo?

The offense had nice balance and converted 63 percent on third down, even without AB, they spread the ball around and moved the ball well, Martavis Bryant finally stepped up making two awesome catches a diving 39-yarder down the sideline and a one-handed 4-yard TD with a Patriot defender literally holding him. The ghost of Eli Rogers reappeared and had a terrific 18-yard TD on play action. JuJu Smith-Schuster rang in for 114 yards including the 69-yard catch-and run that should have setup at minimum a game tying Field Goal and of course the disputed TD by Jesse James, that was incorrectly overturned by replay.

Le’Veon Bell finished with 117 yards rushing, with 67 coming in the second half, including the 3-yard touchdown run. He finished with 165 scrimmage yards and averaged 5.7 yards on 29 touches. He anchored the offense and really was a weapon, the Patriots had no answer for.

Little Bos nailed his only Field Goal attempt a 51 yarder and Jordan Berry had a solid day punting.

The Steelers had this game and let it and the number seed slip through their fingers. They were clearly jobbed on the game winning touchdown but they also should have had two more shots at it and it never should have gotten that far. Why are the Steelers calling a draw on a 2nd and long when they have the chance to choke out the Patriots? They moved the ball pretty much at will and gave Tom Brady a chance to beat him and they did.

The good news is win out and you get a bye and maybe another shot at the Patriots!

The NFL has completely made a mockery of the catch rule and seemed to contradict itself this week!


My “GAME BEER” goes to: Going with Le’Veon Bell who shouldered the load after AB went out. He finished with 165 Scrimmage Yards and he created a huge question, what would have happened in the AFC Championship game if the Steelers hadn’t lost Bell. Also Considered: JuJu Smith-Schuster who had a huge game and nearly won it. Little Bos who is becoming a huge weapon!

Where I watched the game: KGB and I were back at the house with 2/3 of the Tailgate kids. We had Spaghetti and Meatballs for dinner and buffalo chicken pretzels as the game snack. Because it was New England we switched from Sam Winter to Long Ireland Winter Lager. It was an entertaining game and we were all well behaved given the issues with the ending.

My Stat of the week: THREE! As in three times the Patriots were helped both for and against in the controversial touchdown ruling. The game winner v. the Texans, the game losers against the Steelers and the Jets.* Tell me how there was enough evidence to over turn the ruling on the field! Also from the game eight! The number of receivers that Ben completed passes to during the game, showing how dangerous this team can be and that they aren’t one dimensional!

My Thoughts on next week: It’s crucial that the Steelers pull this win and not do “the usual” drop one to an inferior road team. The biggest key is to get some type of bye in the playoffs! They can do that if they beat the Texans and Browns who are a combined 4-24…which is what scares me! It will also mark the second time the Steelers play on Christmas in two years…which is problematic at the BWG Household.

This week’s Jersey: Steelers Home #86 Hines Ward that I wore to church! Not my best luck jersey as you can probably tell!


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