The Top Ten Regular Season Moments of 2010-2011

January 10th, 2011
by admin

BWG NATION I just made a best memories list… Let us know what your thoughts are as well!

10.  Kiesel’s 79 yard INT return vs TB

9.  Harrison Bitch Slaps the Browns…twice

8.  Mendenhall 50 yard OT gallop vs Falcons

7.  Harrison(and others) body slams Young

6.  Steve Johnson drop leaves Buffalo in the cold

5.  Big Ben Goal Line Gift vs. Dolphins

4.  Redman catch and run vs. Ravens

3.  Polamulu’s leap over line tackle vs. Titans

2.  Polamalu’s game changing drive TD vs Bengals

1.  Polamulu strip sack to set up game winning TD vs. Ravens

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