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Steelers rough up Chargers for second win.

October 14th, 2019

The Steelers finally put together a complete game plan and executed it perfectly as they defeated the Los Angeles Chargers handily in front of a raucous Pro-Steelers crowd!

Devlin Hodges performed well in his first professional start. He stayed within the game plan and never really needed to take any chances. He finished with 132 yards, one touchdown and a late interception. The protection was fantastic, and he was never in any jeopardy during the start.

Hodges was aided by a rejuvenated running game, led by James Conner and Benny Snell. The Steelers duo combined for 124 yards on the ground and two touchdowns, one in the air and one on the ground to Conner. Conner chipped in with seven receptions and put together a terrific game. Snell pounded out 75 yards of the 124.

The defense continued its vast improvement. The front seven pressured Philip Rivers all day and dumped him for one sack. He never looked comfortable and couldn’t find a rhythm until late in the game. Rivers also threw two interceptions and a backwards lateral fumble that led to the Steelers first touchdown. The secondary was tight, and it was great job by Artie Burns/Cameron Sutton, filling in for Steve Nelson.

The linebackers played great, with Devin Bush playing his best game yet as a Steeler. He was all over the field and made several big plays, including his first career touchdown and his first career interception. Vince Williams T,J, Watt was all over Rivers. The bad news is the Steelers lost Stephon Tuitt for the season.

The special teams had a good game, and Chris Boswell may have turned the corner.

It was a great game for the Steelers and a great bounce back!


My “GAME BEER” goes to: Devin Bush, he scored his first career touchdown and had an interception, he looked like the playmaker we have been waiting for. Also Considered: The Duck, Devlin Hodges, who played well in his first start and Benny Snell who looked like the mini “Bus”.

Where I watched the game: On the “road” again, with the Tailgate Kids all over the place, KGB and I met up with some friends at our local pub. We watched the Yankees game and Steelers game. The Beer of choice was Miller Lite for me and Sam Adams Octoberfest for KGB. We had wings and Nachos!

My Stat of the week: Going to cheat a little on this one…25,425 was the attendance about 94% capacity. So going to estimate, I would say it was easily 75% Steelers fans, it sounded like a home game and they even played “Renegade!

My Thoughts on next week: The Steelers come into the BYE at 2-4, they need a much more consistent effort if they are going to resurrect the season.

This week’s Jersey: L.C. Greenwood, #68, the 1933 Throwback (The Soccer Jersey), I saw a Steelers fan who had no idea that it was an actual Steeler Jersey. It has been six years since he passed and I wore it the first game after. Was thinking about him during the game!

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Ravens edge the Steelers in a gut wrencher!

October 6th, 2019

The Steelers had another uneven performance versus the archrival Ravens. The Steelers had a slow start, rallied and then fell in overtime after a costly fumble. It was another heartbreaking loss.

After giving up scoring drives on the first three possessions the Steelers locked down the Ravens offense and forced three turnovers. The defensive line had their best game of the year as did the linebackers. They had the Ravens on the ropes all day and Vince Williams slowed the running game down dramatically. T.J. Watt had a solid game and contributed one of the five sacks. The secondary shut down Lamar Jackson. They are starting to round into form and made the adjustments needed to slow down the Ravens offense.

The offense started slowly and still is a work in progress. Mason Rudolph was playing well when he took a vicious hit from Earl Thomas. The offensive line provided great protection and both Rudolph and Devlin Hodges had time to throw, they passed for a combined 192 yards. The bad news is the receivers didn’t really play well, with Vance McDonald and James Washington leaving the game early with injuries. JuJu Smith-Schuster led the team in catches and yards but he made the biggest mistake of the game, that cost the Steelers the victory.

The running game still is not on track despite some improvement. James Conner had only 55 yards on the ground and Jaylen Samuels was a non-factor this week in the running game.

The Special teams is also a mixed bag. The kicking game is playing well. Chris Boswell has been solid and hopefully last year is in the rearview mirror. Jordan Berry had a terrific punt that pinned the Ravens at the one. The return game is a disaster and cost the Steelers points. Ryan Switzer and Johnny Holton were both ineffective.

The referees were horrible again and way to involved in the game. They made horrible calls for both sides and had a direct effect on the outcome of the game. It was hard to watch and both sides had legitimate gripes with the refs.

The Steelers coaching staff is going to get creamed this week in the press. However, they did a very good job making in game adjustments and if everyone executed, they would have pulled out the game. But they didn’t and now the Steelers season is hanging on by a thread.


My “GAME BEER” goes to: Vince Williams, he makes a big difference in the running game and it was apparent, once he came in the game, the Ravens lost momentum. He led the team in tackles and had one sack Also Considered: The Duck, Devlin Hodges, he did enough for the Steelers to win the game and deserved a better fate.

Where I watched the game: Back at home! Ridiculous snacks, Buffalo Chicken Bread and Teriyaki Bomb Bread, made by KGB. The Beer of choice was leftover Corona Light. Only had one of the Tailgate kids with us, D-Man who had a Diet-Stewarts Root Beer!

My Stat of the week: 138 Yards Rushing by the Ravens, the defense needs to be better, but the Ravens were averaging over 200 yards a game and they could only muster 58 yards in the second half. The Ravens scored 17 points on their first three possessions. (One of which they started in the Red Zone) They scored

My Thoughts on next week: The Steelers are a Jekyll and Hyde team; they clearly have what you need to win. But they make so many key mistakes at terrible times. The Chargers are tough, and the Steelers always struggle on the West Coast. It is hard to see a Steelers victory, especially without Mason Rudolph

This week’s Jersey: Jack Ham, #59, the 30’s Throwback (The Bumblebee) one of the priests from my church thought it was prison shirt!

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Finally!!! Steelers show up, wreck the Bengals!

October 1st, 2019

With a stout defense and a diverse offense, the Steelers dominated  the Bengals…



My “GAME BEER” goes to: Mason Rudolph, he had his first win and he threw two touchdowns and passed for 229 yards Also Considered: Diontae Johnson who has a knack for big plays and Jaylen Samuels who was outstanding in the wildcat.

Where I watched the game: At Buckley’s in my hometown! It was my second “road game” of the year and the Steelers delivered. KGB got all my friends down and my family. We watched the Steelers pound the Bengals into mulch! Beer of choice was Miller Lite and snuck a few Fireball shots in there for my birthday! The wings were outstanding as usual and we had potato skins too!

My Stat of the week: 3-3 and 109.7 Jaylen Samuels Passing line, that is not a typo, great job again running the wildcat!

My Thoughts on next week: The Steelers can climb right back in the division with a win over the Ravens. It will be a tough test but also the measuring stick on how this season will go. The Steelers should pull out a close win.

This week’s Jersey: T.J. Watt #90, Home Black.


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