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2019 Steelers Draft Class

April 29th, 2019

The Steelers once again seem to put together a very solid draft on paper;

Here is the BWG Analysis:

Round 1 (10): Devin Bush, ILB, Michigan

For the first time since 2003 the Steelers made a bold move and traded up to grab Bush. Bush is a stout athletic defender that will immediately pay dividends. He has great instincts and will be a three down linebacker. He also can help in the pass rush from the outside or in the gaps. In our analysis this was the biggest need the Steelers had and this is the perfectt casting for that need.

GRADE: Six Pack

Round 3 (66): Diontae Johnson, WR, Toledo

Every year the Steelers draft someone and it just doesn’t add up. (See Colin Holba) This is that pick, it felt like a huge reach and while he seems like a capable player and it would be foolish to second guess the Steelers on receiver talent, spending a third rounder on him seemed like a huge stretch. He will be in the slot and brings great speed to the offense. Smaller player, but plays bigger than his size, improved his hands in his Senior season. He also can be a return man if needed. His being drafted could spell the end of Eli Rogers or fan favorite Ryan Switzer.

GRADE: 2-Beers

Round 3 (83): Justin Layne, CB, Michigan State

The Steelers also find gems later in the draft and this could be one of them. Layne lacks elite speed but he was a steal at this number. He had a round two grade. He can play both man and zone coverage and plays as if he is a giant. He has mediocre hands despite being a converted wide receiver, he seems like an Ike Taylor clone! He is a cover three coordinators dream and will make immediate impact.

GRADE: 5-Beers

Round 4 (122): Benny Snell Jr., RB, Kentucky

This was a little bit of a reach as Snell lacks certain speed and explosiveness. The Steelers needed running back depth and Snell gives them that, He looks like a between the tackle, short yardage back, with one cut, downhill ability. He has good NFL genes being the nephew of NFL great Matt Snell. While he is limited he should compete for a roster spot and carve out a place in the running game.

GRADE: 3-Beers

Round 5 (141): Zach Gentry, TE, Michigan

This was a great pick. Scouts are torn on this guy and you can read a report praising him or condemning him. He graded out exactly where they grabbed him and he will compete for the spot vacated by Jesse James. He has monster intangibles like a whopping 34 1/8 catch radius and being a former quarterback a high football IQ. Has huge upside and is exactly what you are hoping for this late in the draft. He also fills some depth issues.

GRADE: 4-Beers

Round 6 (175): Sutton Smith, LB, Northern Illinois

A small school phenom who will need to really step it up to be a force in the pro game. He is a one trick pony (pass rusher) and will provide needed depth at the linebacker position. Getting after the quarterback is important and will have a chance to make the team.

GRADE: 2-Beers

Round 6 (192): Isaiah Buggs, DE, Alabama

This could be the steal of the draft. He is an ideal 3-4 end or could play in the middle on the nickel and dime. He has solid NFL quickness and strength. His conditioning is a question mark and probably hurt his draft stock. He graded out as a round three prospect and the Steelers nailed this pick! Will make an immediate impact and strengthens an already strong defensive line.

GRADE: 5-Beers

Round 6 (207): Ulysees Gilbert III, ILB, Akron

Nice speed and a productive tackler who was selected for his coverage skills. He has a high motor and will be a nice addition to the team. Strong upside prospect that can compete for a spot on the depth chart. His skills translate well to special teams and looks like a nice pick in this round.

GRADE: 3-Beers

Round 7 (219): Derwin Gray, OT, Maryland

A great value pick in this spot, he will provide depth and compete for a backup role. Has the skills to compete against undrafted free agents and last years picks. He graded out as a fifth round pick and has size that scouts want. This was a good grab in the seventh and he will play somewhere in the NFL in 2019.

GRADE: 4-Beers



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…welcome to Pittsburgh, Devin Bush!

April 26th, 2019

The Pittsburgh Steelers selected Michigan Wolverines linebacker Devin Bush Jr. on Thursday with the 10th overall pick.

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April 25th, 2019

Okay fair to say I am the worst blogger ever. I have just been swamped with my real life and at some point we will do a comprehensive write up of the AB debacle and the Le’Veon Bell business meltdown!

Today is Draft Day and as Alexander Pope says, “Hope springs eternal..” Very excited for the draft and while the Steelers have had an uneven performance over the last few years, there is plenty to be excited for! For every Jarvis Jones there has been a T.J. Watt.  So let’s dive in on what is needed.


Cornerback: I can probably steel (pun intended) one of my past draft previews as this has been the toughest code to crack. While I am not ready to give up on Artie Burns, the Steelers need an upgrade across the board at this position. They need someone opposite Joe Haden who can play and contribute consistently. The Steelers have money invested in the top three spots, but this should be a day one (If there is a steal) or day two pick.

Inside Linebacker: You can not replace Ryan Shazier, it is just not possible as he was a once in a lifetime talent. Also I am not a revisionist historian, I was excited about the pick of Shazier but puzzled, that is why I am a blogger and not a GM. He was the cog that made the Steelers defense run and it is obvious that he is sorely missed. Job Bostic was badly miscast and Vince Williams was somewhat exposed without Shazier. The Steelers invested in Mark Barron but I still see this as a big need. This has to be a day one or day two pick.

Safety: The Steelers also need to crack this challenge. Morgan Burnett was a bust and it will be a long time before the Steelers make that type of move again. The depth chart is extremely soft and the Steelers need an upgrade at this spot. While this is probably a bigger need, than Cornerback or Inside Linebacker, this is a strong safety class for 2019 and the Steelers need an upgrade in coverage ability and overall athleticism and there are several value picks available. This is a day two need or early day three.

Wide Receiver: Well we had to get here at some point.  There is no formula to replace someone like Antonio Brown and a rookie certainly can’t do it. While I think the Steelers are in good shape at this spot, they need to invest a pick or two here. They have clearly proven they do a great job at finding talent here. This is a day three look.

Running Back: While the Steelers struck gold with James Conner, this position needs better depth, especially with a renewed emphasis on the run. This is a late day three pick, where there is always value at the end of the draft.

Also need another edge rusher and offensive line depth.


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