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The Steelers finish with a solid, if unspectacular draft.

April 27th, 2020

The Steelers finished Saturday’s round with four very solid prospects that can contribute. They filled depth needs and added some help on special teams: Here is our take on the Steelers haul:

124. Anthony McFarland, RB, Maryland: The Steelers addressed a need, adding running back depth, it also looks like James Conner will get one more shot at being the starter. McFarland brings speed and  one cut quickness. He should also contribute on special teams. The best ability is availability and if he stays healthy will be a great addition.

135. Kevin Dotson, G, Louisiana: This was my favorite pick of the draft and the Steelers grabbed some much needed help on the offensive line. With all the interior lineman being over 30, the Steelers needed to make an investment here. He had a Round 2 grade and is arguably the best run blocker in the draft. Give bonus points because he is a lifelong Steelers fan!

198. Antoine Brooks, Jr., Safety: Maryland: This was another classic Steelers pick, Brooks is a “tweener” defender who will play LB in the nickel but can slide to free safety or slot cornerback depending on match up needs. He will be a special teams ace and was a great value pick given his position in the draft.

232. Carlos Davis, DT, Nebraska: Given his natural size and athletic upside this was a good grab for the last pick of the draft. Davis, crushed the combine and is a classic defensive line space eater. With Javon Hargrave leaving and Mt. McCullers being unsettled, this could be a steal and he can push for an immediate spot on the team.

The Steelers also grabbed 10-undrafted Free Agents, here is a blurb on all of them-

  • Spencer Nigh, FB, Auburn – Long shot to make the team, will be a camp body.
  • Christian Montano, G, Tulane – Will add depth and youth.
  • Trajan Bandy, CB, Miami – lacks size but could contribute on special teams.
  • James Pierre, CB, Florida Atlantic – Good size and speed.
  • James Lockhart, LB Baylor – a 3-4 Outside Linebacker, could be a sleeper
  • Leo Lewis,  LB, Mississippi State – Good pedigree.
  • John Houston, LB, Southern California – Versatile prospect and the best of the three UDFA
  • Josiah Coatney, DT, Mississippi – Could move around the D-line as a 3-4 end
  • Calvin Taylor, DT, Kentucky – Brings tremendous size to a position that needs help.
  • Corliss Waitman, P, South Alabama/Mississippi State- Will compete for a roster spot




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Steelers get on the Board!

April 25th, 2020

Having no first round pick since 1967, the Steelers picked yesterday for the first time in the 2020 draft.

The Steelers passed on specific need and grabbed two high ceiling skilled propsects:

Chase Claypool, WR, Notre Dame – A big physical receiver who ran a 4.42 40 at the combine. Has good hands and can be a crushing blocker. It was a strange pick because of the time, but given his size and versatility, he will contribute early.

Alex Highsmith, Edge, Charlotte – This was a classic Steelers pick. He will replace Anthony Chickillo in the Steelers defense as a situational pass rusher and he fits that 3-4 outside linebacker mode. He is strong on technique and athleticism and has a complete skill set to play in the NFL.

It was a good haul, if unspectacular. The downside is they didn’t address any specific needs, like CB, Offensive line depth and a Running back.

The Running Back market looks thin on Day 3 as you would expect, there are still some nice looking tackles and o-linemen available, Cornerback can still be a place to make a move.


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Draft Day II, This time we pick!

April 24th, 2020

If you were hoping to see what happened to Sonny Weaver Jr….you are reading the wrong blog! So it was a weird day on many levels, but the Steelers having no 1st round picks, was by far the strangest part of the draft for me.

The Steelers get on the board today and don’t be surprised if they move around a little bit, to stock pile some picks. When looking back over the last years, here is a look at some of the highlights from Round 3 since 2010.

Year Player Pos Rating Comment
2019 Diontae Johnson WR Inc Too Early to tell athough was the best receiver last year
2019 Justin Layne CB Inc Too Early to tell, he has the tools, needs a chance
2018 Mason Rudolph QB C+ Was playing well until the concussion, absolutely can play in this league
2018 Chuks Okorafor T Inc Has shown a great upside
2017 Cameron Sutton CB Inc Has had limited exposure
2017 James Conner RB B- Would have been an A but has trouble staying on the field
2016 Javon Hargrave DT B+ Did a great job during his tenure, he will be missed
2015 Sammie Coates WR C Took the lid off the defense, but a broken hand derailed his tenure and is now XFL alumni
2014 Dri Archer RB F Never made an impact despite world class talent
2013 Markus Wheaton WR C+ Was a good contributor while in the Burgh
2012 Sean Spence RB Inc What might have been,
2011 Curtis Brown CB F Never materialized
2010 Emmanuel Sanders WR A Great contributor, who is still in the league

It is sort of a mixed bag of picks. The last two years will determine, how successful this was.

Tomorrow we will highlight the rest! Also will post the pick and the scouting report of any of the Steelers picks!


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Draft Day!

April 23rd, 2020

Beer We Go Nation, It is easy to be caught up in the malaise right now, with COVID-19 and no 1st-Round Pick, but Draft Day is a very special day for the Steelers. The Steelers need a big draft this time around and have to address some needs. Where the Steelers have made their mark, isn’t in the 1st Round, it is the diamonds in 2-5 where they make their mark!

This morning Bleacher Report had an article about the Steelers biggest draft bust; Huey Richardson, who was the last 1st Rounder of the Chuck Noll Era. It was a bust and Richardson was out within a year(trade for a pick that turned into Jeff Zgonina). What the article didn’t write was who else went in that draft. The Steelers grabbed Jeff Graham and Ernie Mills both of whom anchored the receiving core for over five years, Leroy Thompson and Adrian Cooper, both were serviceable and solid backups. While that isn’t a great draft class, the Steelers made something out of it.

Here is a look at the last ten years 1st Round Pick, it is underrated, so not having a first rounder is going to be tough, but not fatal as you will see what Round 2 held.

Year Player Pos Rating Comment
2019 Devin Bush ILB Inc Too Early to tell although he looks like the real deal
2018 Terrell Edmunds S Inc Has shown flashes of brilliance but needs a bigger body of work
2017 T.J. Watt LB A+ The new face of the franchise!
2016 Artie Burns CB D Only reason this isn’t an F is his early contributions were promising
2015 Bud Dupree LB B+ This would have been a C last year, but came into his own finally
2014 Ryan Shazier LB A No matter how this ends, he was a word class talent and still is missed
2013 Jarvis Jones LB F A total bust and absolute disappointment
2012 David DeCastro G A+ Already making his case for Canton
2011 Cameron Heyward DE A The Anchor of the defense
2010 Maurkice Pouncey C A In the argument as the best Center in Football

Here is the good news, the Steelers have made some big moves in Rounds 2:

Year Player Pos Rating Comment
2019 NO PICK
2018 James Washington WR Inc His best football is ahead of him, this is the make or break year
2017 JuJu Smith-Schuster WR A Last year aside he has been a great addition and a key player
2016 Sean Davis S C His early body of work, was solid, but injuries derailed a promising career.
2015 Senquez Golson CB F Injuries derailed him and he never contributed
2014 Stephon Tuitt DE A Part of the Dynamic Duo, when healthy he is a force
2013 Le’Veon Bell RB A No matter how this ended, he was a top five RB in the league while in the Burgh
2012 Mike Adams G F Total disappointment and a total bust
2011 Marcus Gilbert T B+ Started at RT for almost his whole tenure, solid performer!
2010 Jason Worilds LB B- Was a contributor during his starting tenure and registered 25.5 Sacks in five years

ROUND 2 Will hit on the Steelers big wins in the later rounds tomorrow!


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